The Reverse Time approach – Skin Therapies

There is an overload of information available to you whenever you search for skincare advise. With marketing hype, social media influencers and PR articles in the news features, it is tempting to want to believe everything we read.
However, the most important factor in your skincare regime is – you guessed it – you!
When you consult the aesthetic therapist, who is a beauty professional, they look at your skin, habits and lifestyle. They help you understand what type of skin you really have. With this information, they can recommend products and treatments specifically for you.
The knowledgeable and ethical therapist will base their recommendations on what the products or treatments can do for you, how well the active ingredients work, and whether you will be able to use them correctly. So their recommendations will be based on you, not on how a brand is marketed.

While most of us do our best to keep ourselves healthy, our time is filled, we are busy, and looking after our skin often gets put on the back burner. We know we have to cleanse our skin once a week at least, so that dead skin cells are removed and skin is left bright instead of dull. While some of us don’t get around to doing this, more of us tend to overdo it. We may be using harsh cleansers, multiple products containing acids all adding up to daily stripping of our skin. This means our skin is repeatedly damaged without getting the time to heal, rebuild its natural barriers, and regain its nutrition.
We all want to use the most effective treatments available to us online, but in doing this, we often ignore the side effects and what we should be doing to protect ourselves.

At Reverse Time, you can have this consultation with our Aesthetic Therapist. They will advise you on how your skin is doing and whether your current skincare is helping. Based on your skin concerns, they will recommend what actions you need to take, and which products and procedures or treatments will help you to achieve your goals. The aim of this is sustainable, long term skin health, with minimum downtime and side effects.

Skin concerns that this approach can address:

  • dull and tired looking skin

  • pigmentation and age spots

  • loss of skin elasticity

  • redness

  • acne

  • large pores

  • dry and sensitive skin

  • fine lines, crepiness of skin

  • Scars, discolouration, sun-damage