Non-surgical eyelid tightening with Plasma Skin Regeneration

Summary of Treatment

True regeneration of skin using a clinically proven plasma energy technology

Portrait® skin regeneration is a unique, FDA-approved technology that uses plasma (the fourth state of matter, a high energy state). It produces results comparable to most lasers, but without causing a break in the skin. The plasma energy is administered without contact to the skin. It leaves the outer skin layers intact as a protective bandage until the new skin has regenerated underneath it.

Portrait® skin regeneration has undergone clinical trials to confirm its lasting effects. Although this technology initially gained popularity in the USA, recently in the UK as well, as more patients are getting better educated about what procedures will “future-proof” their skin, they are turning away from repeated injections of botulinum toxins and dermal fillers, and opting to rejuvenate their skin with energy treatments.

Portrait® plasma skin regeneration does not remove the surface layers of skin. It works both on the skin surface and on the deeper layers in a controlled manner, for skin tightening and collagen inducing benefits. It stimulates a unique matrix of collagen production and increased elastin which continues for a year with continual improvement to the skin.

Portrait® skin regeneration is effective in:

  • tightening loose or crepey eyelid skin without surgery
  • improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • treating sun damage and mild scarring, age spots
  • improving skin tone and smoothness

Special protocols are used after consultation and clinical assessment, tailored to each patient’s needs, enabling you best treatment for your individual case. We can discuss with you about what you can expect from your treatment during your consultation.

The Portrait® skin regeneration technology was pioneered by Rhytec with the original Portrait® plasma skin rejuvenation device, which was later rebranded and relaunched as Neogen PSR system.

High energy PSR3 treatments are used where skin tightening and contouring are required. Early signs of aging (age spots, fine lines, wrinkles) can be managed with lower energy treatments PSR1 and PSR2.

Portrait® skin regeneration before after photos