Your Healthy Weight Journey starts here

Healthy weight is vital to your well-being

The fashion of our age is thin. We are regularly surrounded by images supporting the myth that thin – often unhealthily thin – is beautiful. The myth is so prevalent that it is hard to remember that being underweight is associated with problems such as reduced fertility, bone thinning, rapid aging and hormone imbalance. Unfortunately there are many “quick weight loss” solutions being sold online. These may not be effective, and may cause harm when used without medical advise and supervision.

On the flip side, being overweight or obese is proven to increase your risk of most if not all age-related problems. Whether it is hip and knee pains from osteoarthritis, reflux symptoms, hiatus hernia, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, gallstones – all of these are associated with being overweight. It is advisable to address this early, before the health risks increase.

The body mass index or BMI is often used to assess healthy weight. As a rule of thumb:

  • a BMI of below 19 is associated with menstrual problems, bone thinning, infertility, and general ill-health, and yo