Reduce fat with Aqualyx™ injections

Getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat is a challenge even with rigorous diet and exercise.
While we concentrate on losing weight, the ideal weight does not always give us the body shape we want. Localised lumps of fat over the hips, chin, and lower tummy persist, and may be difficult to remove because of genetics. Also, with weight loss, our fat cells often shrink but do not reduce in number. With calorie surplus, these cells will store fat and and enlarge.
Aqualyx™ injection lipolysis was developed in Italy in 2009, to target small fat pockets with minimum invasion. In Europe, more than 2 million such treatments have been performed.
Possible Treatment Areas – Abdomen, Hips, Thighs, Double Chin, Saddle bags

Summary of Treatment

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What our patients say

Evelyn Y, Hants, Botox brow lift

Dr. Aarti is reassuringly professional, and always ensures she is doing the right thing by her patients. She never encourages excessive treatment – she even told me not to have botox right away as there was not enough muscle activity! She listens to what your needs are, and then discusses the options. She made me look ”fresh” rather than ”frozen”, and also helped me with advice on more general skin care troubles and routine suggestions. I work closer to London now, but will always find the time to visit Aarti, as I cannot imagine finding anyone more principled and passionate about what they do.

Good to know – some facts about fat cells

The understanding now is that fat cells once destroyed do not redevelop. However, there will be fat cells remaining in the area, which can enlarge in size by storing fat, if the patient does no exercise and eats more to develop a calorie surplus. is no evidence of the destroyed fat cells redeveloping.

Aftercare recommendations after Aqualyx™ treatment

  • Avoid cosmetics (in the treated area) for 12 hours.
  • Avoid excessive heat and sun exposure.
  • Do not do strenuous exercise for 1 week.
  • Keep a healthy diet – make sure the released fatty acids do not deposit elsewhere.

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