Volume restoration of the aging face with Dermal Fillers

Restore facial volume | Improve lip definition | Soften fine lines & wrinkles | Natural looking results | 3-dimensional facial rejuvenation

Summary of Treatment

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What our patients say

Angie D, Hampshire, fillers & liquid facelift

Lovely, lady who certainly knows ‘her stuff’ and explained what I needed and why! I was very worried that I may bruise badly after the fillers, she was very sympathetic and gentle. I was delighted that there wasn’t any noticeable bruising after the treatment and the results didn’t look ‘too obvious’!!

Are there differences in dermal fillers?

There is a range of dermal fillers, each designed for a specific result and to applied to a particular layer of the skin. Fillers that hydrate aging skin are different to those that we use to re-contour facial outlines. There are specialised fillers to hydrate lips.
With training and experience, aesthetic specialist doctors develop the skill to select the correct product for the patient’s needs and skin type.
Broadly, dermal fillers can be grouped into non-permanent (resorbable) or permanent (non-resorbable). At Reverse Time, we use only approved, non-permanent fillers.

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How we ensure quality and safety in treatments for you

Why you can trust Reverse Time: We are committed to the safety of patients approaching us for advice on appearance enhancing procedures. Our doctors are regulated and accredited. We invest in high quality training, authorised suppliers and are proud of many favourable patient reviews.
Being regulated, regularly appraised via the NHS, and using only proven products and equipment means you can have complete confidence and trust in Reverse Time to administer injectable treatments safely. When patients ask whether they can see their dermal filler treatment results right away, we advise them that the results are visible immediately, and also that we always aim to use dermal fillers to produce realistic and natural results.

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