Temporary treatment of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) with Botox®


Botulinum is injected in the area affected by excess sweating.

By blocking nerve signals to the sweat glands, it helps to reduce the amount of sweating.

Summary of Treatment

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Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating – is a distressing condition

Patients with hyperhidrosis often suffer for years trying various deodorants and antiperspirants. They often take spare outfits to work. Excessive sweating makes them feel anxious about themselves.

Temporary control of sweating helps sufferers of hyperhidrosis carry on with their daily lives. This is a real relief especially when anti-perspirants and deodorants are ineffective.

For patients who have struggled with the discomfort of constant sweaty patches, difficulties in social situations and at work, this is a simple temporary treatment with very few downsides.

Effects of treatment become noticeable in a week, and may last upto 6 months. Treatments can be repeated as required.