Multi-point filler lift – 8 point lift – Full face harmonization

Summary of Treatment

What is special about the Reverse Time approach to full face harmonization?

The Reverse Time approach is unique in that every clinical assessment looks into all factors affecting aging, and their impact on skin and facial contours, in order to formulate a treatment plan to achieve a natural looking and long lasting result.
This means that you are not getting a ‘one treatment fits all’ approach, instead you are getting a tailored and fully tailored approach that suit your needs.

As you will be under the care of an Aesthetic Physician, who is a doctor specialising in integrated and cosmetic treatment, you are not limited as to what techniques and treatment approaches are available. The multilevel approach to facial rejuvenation uses a combination of non-surgical techniques: Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, topical retinoids, anti-oxidants – are all included in the treatment plan.

Multipoint Facial harmonization