Consultation fees and other costs for Bio identical hormone replacement and supplementation therapy

We aim to keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. This page will help to explain the process of consultation, fees to cover the doctor’s time, follow up appointments and what happens next, such as the special prescription for bespoke therapy.
While we wish to keep the cost of treatment affordable, it is important to be aware of the costs involved.

Consultation stages, process and costs

By now, you have some idea of the costs involved, and the medical expertise involved in diagnosing and treating hormone imbalance with bespoke treatment.
Follow up appointments are usually at 8 weeks, 3 months (optional), 6 months, and annually.
Lab tests may be required annually. Depending on your smear, bone density (DEXA) scan, and mammogram history, your doctor may recommend that you get referred for these during the course of your review for BHRT.

Payment is taken for all consultations at the time of booking. This is to secure your consultation.
Payment for the medication is made directly to the pharmacy, and is not part of the doctor’s fee.
Unfortunately any cancellations within 24 hours before any appointment will not receive a refund.

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