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Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning provides the high quality, safe and age-appropriate non-surgical medical cosmetic treatments in Winchester, Hampshire at Reverse Time Wellness and Medical Aesthetics.

Why Reverse Time is not the cheapest clinic for medical cosmetic treatment in Winchester:

Dr Aarti understands that many UK consumers can be price sensitive.

However the majority of discerning patients in Winchester and Andover, Hampshire are not looking for medical cosmetic treatments or bio-identical hormones at the cheapest price – they are looking for the very best quality of medical cosmetic and bio-identical hormone products, scientifically sound medical advice, a good result and a great experience, at a fair price.

This is exactly what we deliver at Reverse Time Aesthetics.

Dr. Aarti Narayan-Denning video

Why Choose Reverse Time for bio-identical hormones and medical cosmetic treatment in Winchester

  • You will receive a comprehensive medical cosmetic consultation about your aging process with a non-surgical (medical) Cosmetic Specialist Doctor, not just “Anti-Wrinkle injections or filler” consultations. Please do come with an open mind, and be assured you will never be pressured into having or “trying” a treatment that may not be for you.

  • Your full medical consultation will be honest and impartial and will aim to get to the root of your skin, cosmetic, ageing or hormonal concerns. If the results you seek would be better achieved by other treatments or by surgical means, then Dr Aarti will readily advise you of this.

  • We may not be the cheapest provider of medical cosmetic treatments and bio-identical hormones in Winchester and Andover, but the fees are well researched and reflective of the doctor’s expertise.

  • We will readily tell you if it cannot be done and signpost you to other options if possible, not just what we provide

  • You will receive natural looking results from individualised medical cosmetic treatments designed around your face. We don’t make “frozen faces”, “pillow faces” or “trout pout”

  • You will receive affordable medical cosmetic treatments with little or no discomfort

  • You will receive bespoke treatment planning tailored to your needs, both for medical cosmetic and bio-identical hormone treatments. Support and follow up are our strengths, you will be offered a free review / follow up for all relevant treatments

What! No free consultation?

While many clinics offer “Free” consultations, if you took the time to think about it realistically, you will find this is unsustainable.

That is, the Doctor would not earn anything unless the patient did proceed to purchase a treatment or product each time.

So, if nothing is charged to ensure that the Doctor’s time is covered, the consultation is unlikely to be totally objective and impartial.

You will receive a personalised medical cosmetic (aesthetic) consultation with the doctor to assess your skin and ageing concerns in depth and in the context of your specific medical history. If your needs are best met by a treatment we offer, we will advise you of this. If you are likely to get better or safer outcomes from a treatment not offered here, you will be informed of this.

If you book a treatment with us within a reasonable time after the consultation, the consultation fee will be deducted from the cost of the treatment at the time of payment.

What to expect at consultation

Dr Aarti will perform a Specialist Aesthetic assessment of your face structure and ageing patterns to determine the combination of treatments that will work best for you. Her treatment approach is based on multicultural beauty “Phi” analysis, which ensures that treatments are based on each patient’s individual face. Dr Aarti will avoid the distorted results that occur when people treat “just the nose to mouth line” or “just the top lip”.

The majority of well-informed patients, and those who have been treated elsewhere find this a refreshing change, and remain delighted patients of Dr Aarti for years.

Dr Aarti says “I see myself as a Doctor and GP first and then an Aesthetic Doctor. I believe in the principle of Primum Non Nocere – which is Latin for “First do no Harm” from the Hippocratic Oath, and will readily inform a patient if they feels their choice of procedure could be unsafe for them. If a patient may be unable to perform the aftercare that is required, then I will suggest that they postpone their treatment to a more suitable time.

Some clients may find this approach dramatically different from the sales-driven pitches they have been used to”

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Lucy R, Hants, masseter botox

Aarti is extremely professional and made me feel at ease immediately. She really was fantastic when it came to making sure I was aware, knowledgeable, and realistic of the outcome, and she has done a great job – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Jane, non-surgical facelift

After having had various treatments elsewhere I was very pleased with the results of the contouring.

The fact that Aarti is so knowledgeable and very patient was very reassuring. She explained everything and at no time did I feel under any obligation to carry on with the treatment until I was confident in going forward.

I am extremely pleased with the results and shall be shortly be having a Threadlift.

Kay @ Salisbury, 8 point lift

Aarti takes the time to get to know you and what you want from the procedures. Throughout the treatments she carefully explains what she is doing and why. I’ve been seeing her for three years and am always delighted with the results which are natural and long lasting. I look forward to my sessions with Aarti, it’s like therapy!

Claud Lowe, Hants, brow lift with fillers

I have creases in my forehead created by sleeping on my front. I have previously had botox to try and alleviate the problem but dont like the ‘frozen’ look. The botox helps with the creases but doesnt altogether eradicate the problem. Aarti suggested filler to my hairline to help tighten my skin and a smaller amount of botox to control frown lines but allow movement. I was apprehensive about fillers but the results have been great. The fillers are a much better solution for the creases running from my eyebrows to top of forehead and the botox has not ‘frozen’ my expression. I had the procedure in February (beginning of) and we are now into May. There is no need for anything further to be done at this time. I will definately be going back to Aarti for further work when required and cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you.

Jo A, Andover, Botox

I’m pathetic when it comes to needles! However Dr Aarti is so gentle and so matter of fact and confident that she chased my fears away. I’ve started treatment for frown lines… too much time staring at computer screens and stressing over work. So far the botox administered has had a gentle relaxing of the muscles, no frozen halloween face, thank goodness. I will write another review after experiencing a little filler to plump up the skin on my forehead which I am hoping will iron out the last little lines.

Emma K, Hants, all my skin concerns

I have been a patient of Aarti for a couple of years now and without doubt she provides the best care with results that exceed my expectations.
Beyond her warm, friendly manner, Aarti is also extremely talented , skilled and knowledgeable in what she does.
Being treated by her , she will give honest advice with your interests being priority to ensure you have the correct treatment for your concern.
I feel very comfortable knowing I am in safe hands and Would like to Thank you for building my confidence back up with your kindness and top quality work. Emma

Sue, Obagi for wrinkles and age spots

I have always taken very good care of my skin, but over the past couple of years I have started getting many fine lines and uneven dark patches around my cheeks chin and hairline. I did try using all the moisturisers and serums you see in the telly ads, but no joy.

At the time of my first consultation with Dr. Aarti Denning, I was applying concealer several times a day, keeping my smiling and other expressions minimum so that the lines wouldn’t show. She assessed my skin thoroughly, asked me a lot of questions, and pointed out which parts of my skincare were not actually helping. She started me on Obagi system, which is not easy, but very rewarding for me.
She gave me some great advice, was very professional and is highly knowledgeable in every field I spoke to her about, which was very reassuring. She listened and I achieved exactly was I asked for.
Aarti is fantastic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

T R, Hampshire, Platelet rich plasma vampire facial

I am 45 years old and was looking tired and after an in depth consultation with Dr Aarti N Denning I booked up PRP also known as the Dracula or Vampire Facial.
Although I am an extremely nervous patient I felt completely safe and at ease throughout the whole procedure due to Aarti explaining everything in a calming professional manner. The results are absolutely fantastic and so natural looking. I have received so many positive comments from friends and family about my fresh look.
The care, consideration and quality I received from Aarti was exceptional….thank you so much

M Evans, Southampton, medical cosmetic treatments

Dr Aarti has been treating me now for over 6 years. Having been previously disappointed with results from other clinics when I did meet Aarti for my initial consultation I was pleasantly surprised and immediately at ease and felt that I was in good hands.
I have now had multiple treatments including facial injectables and dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of facial scarring which I have always had personal concern about. I have consistently been astounded with the natural looking results.
Dr. Aarti is professional, highly qualified and experienced and in my opinion she has a unique flair for Aesthetic treatments which really requires an eye for detail. She is a genuine lady who is truly interested in taking the time to listen to her patients needs – I cannot recommend her enough.

A B, Portsmouth, Radiesse

Before having this type of work undertaken I did extensive research and saw no less than twelve practitioners. Only three were Doctors. I felt far more confident having a Doctor with their associated knowledge carry out this work than someone in the beauty business that had merely attended a course. Dr Aarti, demonstrated great knowledge and instilled me with confidence, I also felt that she wasn’t just profit-driven. She took the time to ensure that she was using the right product and applied in the right way. She took great care throughout the procedure and I am supremely confident that it has been applied in a very thorough and professional way.
While cost, which is important, was not my prime consideration, which was to find an able and competent practitioner, the cost was better than comparable. I’m returning for further work in the near future.
While Dr Aarti’s professionalism is impeccable, she is a very personable and pleasant person to deal with on a personal level also.
I am absolutely ecstatic with the results so far. I thoroughly recommend Aarti. 5*

M. Campbell, thread veins consultation

When I visited Dr Aarti, I was expecting to have treatment for the thread veins on my legs. After carefully examining my legs, Dr Aarti advised me that the treatment would not have a lasting effect and I would get the same results by wearing compression socks. I was impressed by Dr Aarti’s honesty and professional advice. I would not hesitate in recommending her to my friends and family.

Susie I, Hants, non-surgical facelift treatments

Dr Denning always offers a thorough and professional approach. I have had several procedures to date including PRP, Dermal fillers and toxin treatment and am extremely happy with the results.

L A, Winchester, Skin advice, botox, fillers

I received an excellent service and would definitely return to see this doctor. Her manner was very professional and calm and the treatment explained clearly before and during the procedure.

J W, bespoke combination treatment with botox and fillers

I’ve had both Botox and dermal fillers with Dr Aarti Denning and she is always 100% professional, explaining both the cost and the full range of products and options available, their benefits and side effects (if any).

She’s always listened closely to my requirements to ensure the treatments are performed to give the best results. She is always gentle and reassuring and explains the process as it progresses. I’ve always been very pleased with the results of my treatments with friends always commenting on my appearance although she always remains realistic about the final outcome.

In fact, on two occasions whilst traveling abroad on holiday, the passport control people have had to be convinced that I was the one in my passport photo as one pointed out that I looked a much younger version than my passport photo!

Gillian, Hants

I have have been visiting Dr Aarti Denning for some years now. I had treatments before I finally found Dr Denning, the experience with my previous treatments was that I felt the money they could make from me was more important that me. When I found Dr Denning my experience with her was a complete transformation from before. Dr Denning is a patient centred practitioner who is very passionate about supporting her patients with the ageing process. It is very important to me that I feel I am being listening to and understood after all I only have one face. Dr Denning is extremely knowledgeable and understands the science that sits behind the treatment and the outcomes that can be achieved. Dr Denning is simply the most professional, caring, empathetic and passionate person who makes you feel completely at ease. I have personally had many treatments from Botox to cheek and lip fillers and never been disappointed. If you are considering support with your ageing process then I would without hesitation email or pick up the phone to Dr Denning you will not be dissapointed. Thank you Aarti I absolutely love my new lips.

J P, Winchester, multi point fillers & micro-botox

It was a very professional and individual treatment for multi point fillers & micro-botox. Highly recommended!

S Bancroft, Hampshire, 8 point lift

Aarti was good and I will use her services again, she is gentle and caring. I have recommended her services to friends.

Claire W, Hants, Botox

I recently had Botox and was very pleased with the results,Dr Aarti Narayan is professional and knowledgeable,she is happy to spend time giving advice, I would be more than happy to recommend.

Malin, Hants, Private GP consultation

During the past couple of years i have been to Aarti for medical cosmetic treatment like botox, fillers and thread lifts, and recently also for private GP services.
I would highly recommend her to anyone considering these treatments and want impartial advice.
She is very knowledgable and proffessional, and the results are excellent.
I feel safe and well looked after.
I am very happy with the personal sevice.

P B, Hants, multi-point liquid lift

I am 44 years old and my first time having aesthetic treatment, for multi-point liquid lift. I was quite nervous but Arti was able to reassure me enough to feel confident that the outcome of any treatment I was to undertake would be subtle……….. ””you but 5 years younger””.

Exactly the outcome I wanted to achieve. Having decided to go ahead I can tell you that I am completely delighted with the results. The recovery was quick and I was able to go to work as normal the following day. Aarti is a delight to work with, very approachable, friendly and understanding. Thank you so much

M W, Winchester, Botox

I received an excellent service and would definitely return to see this doctor. Her manner was very professional and calm and the treatment explained clearly before and during the procedure.

Evelyn Y, Hants, Botox brow lift

Dr. Aarti is reassuringly professional, and always ensures she is doing the right thing by her patients. She never encourages excessive treatment – she even told me not to have botox right away as there was not enough muscle activity! She listens to what your needs are, and then discusses the options. She made me look ”fresh” rather than ”frozen”, and also helped me with advice on more general skin care troubles and routine suggestions. I work closer to London now, but will always find the time to visit Aarti, as I cannot imagine finding anyone more principled and passionate about what they do.

Sarah R, Southampton, Non-surgical face-lift, botox, fillers

I received an excellent service and would definitely return to see this doctor. Her manner was very professional and calm and the treatment explained clearly before and during the procedure.

Angie D, Hampshire, fillers & liquid facelift

Lovely, lady who certainly knows ‘her stuff’ and explained what I needed and why! I was very worried that I may bruise badly after the fillers, she was very sympathetic and gentle. I was delighted that there wasn’t any noticeable bruising after the treatment and the results didn’t look ‘too obvious’!!

R D S, Southampton, Platelet-rich-plasma treatment

I am generally happy with how I look, but want to age at my own pace.
Love the thought of stem cell treatment, and have not ever had any btx or fillers in the past. Fortunately I had a very informative consultation with Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning, and picked up the nerve to have a “platelet treatment” or PRP (Platelet rich plasma) treatment, sometimes called the vampire facial.
To me this was the goodness from me being pumped back into me. The procedure was not as painful or as traumatic as one would have expected (or after seeing youtube videos lol or the one with Kim Kardashian which is so not what it is really like!).
Dr Denning talked me through the whole procedure which to be honest was utterly fascinating. I felt completely safe and at ease all through, and this was down to Dr Denning’s calm and professional manner and clear explanation of her actions throughout the treatment.
The result is spookily good – I saw some results immediately, but today, after my 4 week review, we compared photos, and it is true that best effects are seen as your skin goes through its natural regeneration cycle using the goodness that has been pumped into it. I am absolutely delighted with my look.
For me it is a dramatic difference in wrinkles lines. Friends and colleagues have mentioned how well I look but have actually joked that I couldn’t have succumbed to botox as I don’t have a “frozen face”. I would definitely recommend this treatment especially for those wanting to go down the “natural filler” route but still wanting amazing results. Thank you Dr Denning.
Yes, I will definitely recommend this doctor and this treatment, and don’t forget to follow the advice to prepare for it, becos it does work.

E S, Andover, fillers for furrows

Aarti is lovely, she gives great advice and makes you feel relaxed and confident.

I have some deep lines or furrows on my forehead that don’t improve with botox, so I discussed filler treatment with Dr. Aarti Denning. I am conscious of the risks of bruising, and terrified by the horror stories about “filler blindness”, so it was a relief when Dr. Aarti told me that fillers in the upper face almost always have to be done with a device called a “cannula”. This is a blunt tube with holes on the side that when used correctly, helps to avoid injury.

She also told me how it was best to correct any defects in stages, to avoid stretching the skin. I had some numbing cream applied, then a tiny bit of pain when the entry point was made, after which there were just some pushing sensations. The effect was immediate, and looks better now after 4 weeks. There were only 2 needle marks, hardly any visible sign of having treatment done.

My forehead moves normally now but without the deep fold across the middle. Very pleased.

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