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References used in this document:

  • “website” and “site” refer to the online presence of the Reverse Time Limited, and this website is https://reverse-time.com
  • “Reverse Time Limited” refers to the legal entity Reverse Time Limited, which is a Private Limited Company (Company No. 07346822) incorporated in the United Kingdom, with the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, on the 16th of August 2010
  • “Reverse Time” refers to the appointed representative of Reverse Time Limited relevant to the context in which it is referred. This could be a member of the medical team or administrative staff as applicable to the context.
  • “Clinic” refers to the independent doctor-led medical aesthetic clinic, Reverse Time Medical Aesthetics which is present at the location specified on the website. Patients who are registered with the clinic and have consulted with the medical team are able to request prescription products and services from the website.

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