Aarti is always a pleasure to work with. I have been seeing her for three years, and have never been anything less than 100% satisfied with the results we have achieved together. Aarti is an excellent listener who took into account my holistic needs when formulating a treatment plan for me. We worked together on my problem skin/adult acne and I have been delighted with the outcome. Thoroughly recommend!

Patrick C

After having had various treatments elsewhere I was very pleased with the results of the facial contouring treatment.

The fact that Aarti is so knowledgeable and very patient was very reassuring. She explained everything and at no time did I feel under any obligation to carry on with the treatment until I was confident in going forward.

I am extremely pleased with the results and shall be shortly be having a Threadlift.

Jane H 

Dr Aarti is a highly skilled professional, who puts her patients immediately at ease . She gives valuable advice as to what treatments are suitable for you and will steer you away from those that she feels are not appropriate. I cannot recommend Aarti highly enough . I am delighted with the results of my treatment and will never go anywhere else. I had a bad facial injury a few years ago and Aarti has made me feel and look like me again! If you are thinking of having any cosmetic treatments carried out Dr Aarti Denning is the lady to go to.

Jill M

I have always taken very good care of my skin, but over the past couple of years I have started getting many fine lines and uneven dark patches around my cheeks chin and hairline. I did try using all the moisturisers and serums you see in the telly ads, but no joy.

At the time of my first consultation with Dr. Aarti Denning, I was applying concealer several times a day, keeping my smiling and other expressions minimum so that the lines wouldn’t show. She assessed my skin thoroughly, asked me a lot of questions, and pointed out which parts of my skincare were not actually helping. She started me on Obagi system, which is not easy, but very rewarding for me.
She gave me some great advice, was very professional and is highly knowledgeable in every field I spoke to her about, which was very reassuring. She listened and I achieved exactly was I asked for.
Aarti is fantastic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Sue P

Dr Aarti’s manner is calm, professional and friendly. She takes time to explain treatments and results. She is an artist as well as a doctor. I can recommend her most highly.

Sue M

Dr Denning is an extremely accomplished aesthetic practitioner – her primary goal is to ensure you have healthy and glowing skin and will only recommend treatment that is appropriate for you and will actively discourage you from treatment that would look unnatural or is not necessary. I travel from London to see her. She has a great personality and makes you feel extremely comfortable.

Joanna H

Dr Aarti has been treating me now for over 6 years. Having been previously disappointed with results from other clinics when I did meet Aarti for my initial consultation I was pleasantly surprised and immediately at ease and felt that I was in good hands.
I have now had multiple treatments including facial injectables and dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of facial scarring which I have always had personal concern about. I have consistently been astounded with the natural looking results.
Dr. Aarti is professional, highly qualified and experienced and in my opinion she has a unique flair for Aesthetic treatments which really requires an eye for detail. She is a genuine lady who is truly interested in taking the time to listen to her patients needs – I cannot recommend her enough.

Monique E

Dr Denning has been a delight to work with during my rejuvenation process. The products that she recommended (OBAGI) are excellent. I have seen significant improvements in a very short time. Dr Denning is excellent at recording your images digitally. I would not hesitate to recommend DR Denning and look forward to working with her for years to come.

Susie H, Hants

I spent around 6 months going back and forth with Dr Aarti in regards to the issue I was hoping she would be able to address, which I knew would involve more than one treatment potentially. During this period of time I was quite nervous as this was the first time I had looked to undergo an aesthetic procedure and wanted to take my time considering my options. Aarti was very supportive and patient through the course of our back and forth emails and spent time trying to understand my wants and advised me on that basis, not once did I feel pressured to book a consultation or procedure. When I was finally ready to book my consultation with Aarti I entered the practice already feeling safe and in capable hands and felt Aarti already had an understanding of areas I was unhappy with. I am a female in her mid twenties and have lost nearly 4 stone across about 18 months and was left unhappy with the lack of fullness in my face. I spent a lot of time, well over the standard hour, with Aarti in my first consultation discussing lots of different areas I was displeased with and was actually pleasantly surprised by Aarti’s approach of making you the best version of yourself rather than focusing on aspects of celebrity’s faces that I admired more than my own. I left my consultation feeling like I understood my own face better and with a treatment plan that would address the issues I was unhappy with whilst leaving me looking the best version of myself. I also left realising that there were areas of my face that I did not need to change and Aarti helped me understand why these areas are positives, she is not the type to treat you just for the sake of treating you, I believe patient satisfaction and safety is absolutely Dr Aarti’s top priority and this is evident immediately. Not once did I feel pressured to undergo any procedure and was refreshed with Aarti’s approach of less is more and to take your time with treatments. I have no hesitation in putting my full trust into Aarti and have now undergone a couple of procedures which I have been extremely pleased with. In regards to the treatment which was fillers, I felt minimal pain or discomfort, Aarti is very compassionate and ensures you are comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend Aarti and always look forward to my next appointment!

Dani O

From the moment of entering Dr Narayan-Denning’s premises I felt relaxed and at ease. Aarti has a friendly and professional manner which lets you know that you are in safe hands.
I am not a person who will blindly follow advice, I like to be well informed and do a lot of research before considering any cosmetic procedure, no matter how simple or straight forward. I ask a lot of questions and like to be given options and understand the process and possible side affects of any procedure I am considering.
Dr Denning more than indulged me in this. I have never known a cosmetic Doctor to be so thorough and in depth with both their consultation and detailed analysis of my face.
Aarti spent two hours (at no extra cost to myself) taking photographs, analysing my face, eliciting from me exactly what my desired outcome was and then giving me various options. Each option she gave was explained in great detail, using diagrams from the Internet and before and after pictures. She explained the way that fat and muscle tissue behave around the face and what effects -both good and bad- the carrying out of certain procedures will have as a result of this.
Do not expect that Dr Narayan-Denning will ask you what you want and then carry out your commands obediently. I was told in no uncertain terms that a certain procedure I requested would not be suitable for me at all, and then made to understand why this was the case in great detail. I was certain that the doctor would rather lose my custom and money than risk her fantastic reputation with less than perfect results.
Aarti actually listened to my desired outcome and I really felt that she knew exactly what I was saying, even though my descriptions were vague and muddled. She then translated this to perfectly suited cosmetic procedures and I am absolutely astounded with the results. I never thought it possible to achieve such results without surgery. I was, and still am amazed.
The premises is spotless and well equipped with a very relaxed atmosphere and Aarti is so easy to talk to that I felt completely at ease.
She ensured that each procedure was as painless as possible (far more so than other cosmet