“You can’t get sun damage through glass!” Many people have the view that you cannot get sun damaged through glass. What people aren’t aware of is that UVA light, which is the ray which causes ageing, can actually penetrate through glass.
So you might not feel like you need to be wearing SPF daily, but rain or shine, inside or out, you definitely do!

Here is an example of a patient who sat at a desk with the sun on one side of her face for 10 years. She was treated with an SPF 50 for two weeks pre peel. She then had two TCA peels, 3 weeks apart.
This medical grade peel is a type of skin resurfacing, using a controlled strength acid. It triggers the production of collagen, speeds up the shedding of the damaged surface layers of the skin, revealing brighter and tighter skin which looks and acts younger!
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