What is LED therapy and how can it help me?

⭐️ LED therapy uses light to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes!

⭐️ Our @dermaluxled Flex uses the 3 most clinically proven and medically approved wavelengths. These are red, blue and near infrared.

🔴 stimulates the skin and improves cell turnover, boosting collagen and elastin within the skin

🔵 destroys bacteria on the skin, helping to improve acne and breakouts

⚪️ helps to calm redness and irritation and reduce pigmentation

This treatment is non invasive, completely safe and also very relaxing!

You will receive an LED treatment with all SkinPen treatments.

If you are a patient of ours and are not yet set up on Get Harley then pop us an email on info@reverse-time.com and we can get it set up for you 💻
If you are a new patient and would like a skin consultation then please email us or give us a call on 0333-444-0567 ⏳