Fitzpatrick skin types are mainly down to how your skin reacts when exposed to the sun. A person’s skin, hair and eye colour often help us to establish which skin type you have. Dependant on what skin type you have according to this scale will help you to make better decisions on which treatments and products are safest to use on your skin.

There are 5 Fitzpatrick skin types, ranging from 1-6.
Skin type 1: Usually very pale skin, often with blue or green eyes and blonde/ginger hair. These people will always burn, and never tan.
Skin type 2: Pale skin, often with blue eyes and blonde hair. The skin still burns very easily, but tanning is possible.
Skin type 3: Darker white skin, often with darker hair and brown eyes. People with this skin type do tan but do still burn.
Skin type 4: Light brown skin, these people will tan quite easily, and rarely burn.
Skin type 5: Brown skin. These people will very rarely burn, and tan very dark very easily.
Skin type 6: Very dark brown or black skin. This skin never burns, and tans very easily.

Your skin type will be factored in when we are making your treatment plan. Whether its with regards to your skincare (certain skin types can take slightly longer to see results). For example, with the Obagi Nu-Derm system, we would say that skin types 1, 2 and 3 will start to see results in 12 weeks, and skin types 4,5 and 6 will need to wait around 24 weeks. There are also certain skincare products which we would suggest either not using, or avoiding at certain times of the year. With regards to treatment based on different skin types, certain machinery, for example laser, has a much higher risk of causing post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation on higher skin types.

When going for any aesthetic consultation, your practitioner should take a full medical history, sun history and thorough log of which treatments you have previously had and the results from them. This will help us to understand your skin better and allow us to provide you with a treatment plan to get you the best results possible, in the safest way possible.

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