COVID safety information for all patients

Hello again from Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning at Reverse Time!

Our team aims to continue to provide you with great care. Especially during this global pandemic situation, when we all have to evolve and learn with it.

The overriding priority has always been the safety of patients and staff.   

Whether you are a current patient of Reverse Time or a potential patient doing their due diligence, please be reassured and confident that we are serious about following relevant guidance. Such guidance includes that from the Department of Health, the Care Quality Commission and the General Medical Council.

To help protect our patients and staff, we are taking several precautions.

  • All consultations to be done online (virtually) where possible.

  • Screening of all patients over the phone when they call to book an appointment.

  • Closer to the date of their visit, pre-appointment calls will be made to booked patients, where applicable, to check that they are still safe.

  • Currently, we are not booking in for treatment anyone with recent international travel, or anyone in the shielding group.

  • I offer all my patients both lab-based and rapid testing (antigen swab PCR 72 hours prior, IgG lab immunoassay 72 hours prior, IgM and IgG rapid testing on-site). Please note that blood serology including rapid testing will involve venous blood draw, and will be offered at a not-for-profit price to cover the cost of kit and laboratory processing, should you wish to have it.

  • Patients are requested to attend appointments on their own unless they need assistance.

  • We will encourage patients to wait in their car or away from the clinic until everything is ready for them.

  • Upon arrival, everyone will use disposable shoe covers, apply hand gel and have their temperature check.

  • Designated areas will be provided for belongings.

  • Staff and patients will maintain safe distances where applicable.

We will follow national guidance and use checklists to minimise infectious disease transmission. These include hand hygiene, aerosol (respiratory) sneeze and cough hygiene, and PPE that is relevant to Non-AGP (non-aerosol generating procedure) activities like ours.

  • Jo and I will declare any and all symptoms relevant to possible CoVid, and will not attend clinic if so.
  • We will maintain infection control protocols before and after every patient contact (refers to touch point cleaning, and additional wipe-downs)
  • Outside the clinical area, we will be socially distancing during our breaks, and if in any communal space.
  • We have both taken specific training for this situation.
  • We have a clear understanding of of surface contact transmission risk. Any shared equipment such as devices will be frequently cleaned.

What does all this mean to you?

The good part is that it will help keep you safe.

The not-so-good part is that it will cause delays and inconvenience.

There are strict booking protocols in place for appointment spacing to allow for frequent cleaning, one-in, one-out and no waiting inside the clinic.

This may mean that a further appointment will be needed if the treatment cannot be safely completed in the allocated time.

I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this will cause – I know we are all feeling a bit jaded by now and just want to get on with it. However, in the interest of safety for you and your family, for us and the community as a whole, we must get this right. I don’t enjoy restrictions any more than you, so I will review this regularly and update our protocols based on the current recommendations.

Phone lines (0333-444-0567) open Monday to Friday. We continue to take phone calls & emails (
See you all safely and soon, and love to receive your emails anytime.


Current Department of Health advice is on: