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Reverse Time, based in Winchester, Hampshire, is a clinic owned and run by Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning.

Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning, who looks completely flawless I might add, is a board-certified doctor and assistant trainer with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Her knowledge of the face, aesthetics and anatomy is second to none. Unlike some aesthetic practitioners who have taken day courses, Dr Narayan-Denning has studied for years to treat and also teach aesthetic medicine.

My treatment would consist of a comprehensive consultation, a unique and signature part of the Reverse Time experience. This would include an analysis of my skin requirements, any issues and my general health along with my lifestyle and diet. This would be followed by a signature full face harmonizing treatment, tailored to me!  The aim to make my natural features work in harmony with each other and perfect what I have not create something new.


Prior to treatment Doctor Aarti advises you bring along a photo of yourself 10 or 20 years younger. A time when you felt your skin and features looked their best. This will help identify your unique aging pattern, pre-existing features, and estimate the result that can be achieved.

The Consultation

Dr. Aarti Narayan-Denning informs me that the consultation is by far the most important part of the treatment. Its main objective is to uncover what I like and dislike about my face, what I want to achieve and something that is widely overlooked in the industry- my medical history and lifestyle.

My skin care routine, my profession, my choice of contraception and my diet all play a part in the treatment choices. This makes the consultation a signature protocol in itself at Reverse Time.

The consultation lasts just under an hour and it is the most comprehensive I have had; however, it is the most rewarding as well.

Dr Narayan-Denning tells me that the consultations are often done pre-treatment by a couple of days or weeks allowing the client to go home and think about what is recommended. You can approach a clinic with grand ideas of what you want but these need to be put into perspective.

I was asked about my main skin issues and how my face has changed over time. This is where the photo comes in handy to explain the dips and hollowness in my chin that I have developed over time with weight loss and age.

My consultation resulted in the clinical diagnosis of my skin, as suspected I have Rosacea and this is developing into acne rosacea.

Read more about this on the Treatment Tester