What is SkinPen Microneedling I hear you ask? Well, look no further because I will be sharing the facts, do’s and don’ts and my own personal insights with you regarding this incredible treatment available at Reverse Time Aesthetics.

SkinPen Microneedling is the ultimate in safe medical microneedling and it is the first and only FDA cleared and CE marked mechanical microneedling device on the market. In other words – it’s the safest, most effective and most reliable creation out there specifically designed to perform such a unique skin treatment.

Like its name suggests, it’s a pen-type device tipped with 14 state of the art Japanese stainless steel needles which are inserted into the skin at high speed. It works across the skin by puncturing hundreds and thousands of tiny pinprick holes into the epidermis. How deep or shallow you go is dependent on the condition of your skin but generally speaking you’re looking at a starting point of 0.25mm deep. As a result, healthy collagen (actually called collagen I – which is the sort of collagen that you find in really young skin) and elastin structures are produced! On learning this, I was on my way to see Joanna McGinnes at Reverse Time Aesthetics.

Joannas wealth of experience in aesthetics is unquestionable. She has worked in many of the best beauty clinics in the UK and one of her speciality treatments is SkinPen Microneedling – so I was in luck! She began by discussing the treatment with me and going through the consultation form and aftercare advice in great detail. We discussed my current skin problems which were mainly spots, dry skin and pigmentation. Joanna very patiently listened to me whilst I moaned on about how much I hate central heating – quite frankly it’s ruining my skin!

Whilst Joanna applied the numbing cream I took the opportunity to take a selfie whilst it set in. My main areas of concern as you can see are scars from spots on my forehead and upper lip, acne breakout on my cheek and under eye dark circles. My expectation from the treatment was simple – I wanted to improve the condition of the under eye dark circles and through the skin renewal process from the treatment I wanted to achieve clearer younger looking skin with less pigmentation. I hate to say it but Christmas is coming and vanity is calling – I want to look my best!

It wasn’t as painful as I had expected but I will be honest – the most uncomfortable areas were my forehead and my nose. Joanna made sure I was fully aware of this before we started and she described the discomfort to be similar to the feeling of having sunburn on your face. She was absolutely right! But you know what? No pain no gain! The rest of the treatment was plain sailing.

After 30 minutes of microneedling I was quickly wrapped up in cold flannels and smothered in the SkinFuse Rescue Ointment (which is yours to take home to use as part of the aftercare healing skincare regime). Yes I looked like a tomato for a couple of hours but it was totally worth it and I was already keen to see the results. Now for the aftercare, Joanna explained the process which starts at Phase 1 – MOISTURISE. As the skin heals it will flake as it sheds itself of debris and bacteria, so for the first 3 days you must have your game in check when it comes to applying a good quality moisturiser. I used the SkinFuse Rescue Ointment several times a day.

Phase 2 kicks in at around day 4 which is when I began using pHformula. Joanna prescribed this fantastic range of products to me (it’s the first professional skin resurfacing system applied by skin specialists worldwide) to use alongside my beauty staples which are the Dr Obagi 15% Vitamin C Serum and Heliocare 360 SFP 50. So far I am loving the new products and I will be writing another blog soon to share my thoughts on the pHformula range – so stay tuned!

I am currently on day 5 post SkinPen Microneedling treatment and I am sure you will agree – my face is glowing! I was not expecting results so quickly… the spots have virtually disappeared from my cheeks, the scar on my forehead has faded and the pigmentation across my whole face is now even let alone the noticeable brightening under my eye area. So there you have it, a skin treatment that stimulates collagen growth, reduces wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation – and only has a downtime of a few days compared to lasers and more invasive treatments which can take weeks to heal. Which reminds me – do not try this treatment at home guys! You won’t get the same results as you will with the professional SkinPen Microneedling and you’re at risk of side effects and infection. Please only see a qualified and reputable aesthetics practitioner.

Over the next month my skin will heal even more-so and during this time (Phase 3) deep tissue remodelling will take place with further production of collagen I. All I have to do is kick back and keep my skin cleansed and moisturised using the pHformula range. A huge thank you to Joanna and Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning at Reverse Time Aesthetics for getting my skin ready for the festive season! To get booked in contact the team on 0333-444-0567 or email info@reverse-time.com

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