SkinPen microneedlingThe exciting new offering from Reverse Time is SkinPen – currently the only FDA approved microneedling pen.

Microneedling is an excellent way to stimulate collagen production by creating tiny micropunctures in your skin and triggering the skin’s healing response. Microneedling can improve scars, ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles. We have regularly used manual microneedling devices (Dermaroller) and pen devices like Dermapen.

SkinPen is uniquely safe. The design prevents any entry of blood and fluids into the device, thus avoid cross-contamination. The disposable head is completely sealed off. The needles are designed for quick non-tearing entry into skin. Medical microneedling with SkinPen focused on getting results with minimal downtime: mild redness, then mild flaking for a couple of days.

For glowing, youthful healthy skin, less lines and wrinkles, and to fade old acne scars, book your consultation for SkinPen microneedling by calling 0333 444 0567.