Silhouette Soft thread lift patient testimonial

Mandy: My name’s Mandy. I came to Aarti and and she has been absolutely wonderful throughout everything. She’s been wonderful, she’s explained everything in depth, took so much time with consultation; I couldn’t believe it, so much thought and effort’s gone into everything. And it’s been a totally painless experience apart from the lignocaine injections, which was nothing really, like little bee stings. I can honestly say I thought that it would be a totally different experience.

I would recommend her to everybody.

I had “Silhouette Soft” threads, I’ve had part of an 8-point facelift as well. I’ve had no discomfort whatsoever.

Aarti: Show me the side of your face. Oh that’s all there is, just near the hairline. And show us your jawline.

Julie: and your chin looks amazing. It really does.

Aarti: show us the other side too please Mandy.

Mandy: Yes, Aarti’s actually even made me a new chin, thank you very much Aarti, thank you.