Emma: So I wanted just to tell you about my experience in Aartie. I have been staying here for a number of years, absolutely fantastic notice a massive difference of my skin, since seeing her not just cosmetically but also I’ve got two small children, unfortunately with pregnancies of develop stretch marks around my stomach, Aartie has been treating those with a special plasma treatment, and also using threads which I have to say just after two or three treatments huge significant difference.

Aartie does have some photo so I’m sure that you can obviously see the results from there. Painless treatment, very comfortable throughout also had Botox fillers, I’ve had my lips done, not on this occasion but numerous occasions beforehand. Fantastic results extremely natural.

I also had cheek enhancements 8-point lift, had lots of treatments, but also it’s not just her approach to everything but it’s also her knowledge so when you’re going to see her it’s not just about your treatment and what you’re gonna have and then she takes your money and then you leave, it’s actually you’re getting more than that so her GP skills.

She’s an amazing person who’s genuinely interested in yourself your concerns, and she looks at the bigger picture rather than just looking at you and she looks at the whole reason behind everything.

So without doubt I wouldn’t trust anybody else to treat my face and hence the reason why I’ve been to see Aartie for years and will continue doing so.