Reverse Time patient describes her experience of having a PDO thread lift (non-surgical facelift using PDO polydioxanone lifting threads). Threads used were RejuvaLift PDO.

A PDO thread lift can help to gently reposition skin and subcutaneous tissue where there is minimal sagging or jowling. Before embarking on significant non-surgical treatments such as a PDO thread lift, it is important to have a comprehensive consultation to assess whether this is the appropriate treatment for you. At Reverse Time, your complete medical history will be taken into consideration, and you will be clinically assessed to evaluate the underlying cause of your concerns.
You will be advised whether the thread lift is appropriate for you, or if you ought to address other skin related issues first in order for you to get the best outcome from your chosen treatment.

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Thread lift patient talks about her treatment

Patient S: I’ve had a “thread lift” procedure. I’ve had 6 threads – no, 8 threads . The procedure, from start to finish, has been about two hours. There was very minimal discomfort.  I don’t feel at all in any discomfort or pain at the moment, and the treatment has literally just finished.

I’m absolutely delighted with the result, this is kind of the the third step in the process for me. The first step was obviously to look after my skin properly, with the sunscreen. I’ve also had some fillers in the past as well, all done by Aarti, I wouldn’t go to anybody else

Aarti: Thank you 🙂

Patient S: She lives up to her name, she is an absolute artist at what she does, and I would thoroughly recommend treatments with her.

Aarti: Just to inform as to what sort of treatment this is, it is part of the three-dimensional (3-D’s) sort of treatment. The first “D” was skin deterioration, the second “D” was the bit of deflation you had, which we corrected, the third “D” we corrected was the the descent of skin and tissues, which is what we did today.  And it still looks like you, doesn’t it?

Patient S: I hope so, that was one of the reasons that I did an awful lot of research when I was looking at starting this journey. I didn’t want to look windblown, as if I’d been in a wind tunnel. I still wanted to look like me. I think the results that we’ve achieved are very subtle but the self confidence that it’s given me, moving forward into my fifties, is brilliant and I am absolutely delighted with the results that I’ve got.

Aarti: The name of the thread we used was Rejuva, it’s a product of Elionce which I quite like. Would you recommend this treatment to friends?

Patient S: Absolutely, very much, I think I had concerns that there was going to be puckering in the skin, but I think the new threads that Aarti is using, because they’re so subtle, I don’t see that I’ve got any puckering on my skin at all, so I’m absolutely thrilled.

Aarti: So you don’t really like puckering, do you? Because some people promote it, they want to pull it and jack it up so much and get lots of puckering, but you don’t really want that?

Patient S:  No, absolutely. I think if you go for such a dramatic or want such a dramatic effect, it’s not sustainable.

Aarti: Absolutely. It will probably drop the next day.

Patient S: Yeah. I think having subtle changes is important.  I’m not ready to go under the knife, I hope I won’t ever have to go under the knife.

Aarti: You’re right. Because the importance of non-surgical treatment is that we trigger collagen wherever we place these threads, the whole idea is, that it is progressive, and you will probably never need to go under the knife if you maintain non-surgical treatment. It is physiological

Patient S:  That is joy to my ears, absolutely, thank you so much