Reverse Time patient describes her experience of having a non-surgical facelift using dermal fillers injected into multiple points tailored to her unique facial contours.

Specialised and experienced non-surgical cosmetic doctors use various grades of dermal fillers to restore youthful contours and improve skin health, where there is minimal sagging or jowling. Before embarking on significant non-surgical treatments such as a dermal fillers, it is important to have a comprehensive consultation to assess whether this is the appropriate treatment for you.

At Reverse Time, your complete medical history will be taken into consideration, and you will be clinically assessed to evaluate the underlying cause of your concerns.

You will be advised whether your chosen treatment is appropriate for you, or if you ought to address other skin related issues first in order for you to get the best outcome from your chosen treatment.

To book your consultation with our Aesthetic Physician, call 03334440567 9am to 5:30pm Mon-Friday, 9am to 1pm Saturday.

Aarti: You’ve just had a treatment, haven’t you?

Candi: I have indeed

Aarti: What have you had done?

Candi: Well, I have had a non-surgical facelift.

Aarti: And has it lifted?

Candi: It has lifted! It has most definitely made an enormous difference. It has been practically pain-free, only slightly uncomfortable. I feel fantastic.

Aarti: Yes have you had fillers before?

Candi: I have had fillers before, not really the most pleasant experience.

Aarti: How were the results from before?

Candi: The results from those were not long-lasting. There was not an immediate effect to be honest whereas this seems a lot more. I feel quite good and comfortable, I would say fresher. Aarti you have been absolutely fantastic; so sympathetic, very professional, just explaining absolutely every step of the way it’s been amazing!

I’ll certainly recommend her she’s been amazing.