Reverse Time patient talks about her experience with treatments for skin, acne, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin (Botox), which she had from Dr Denning.
This patient suffers with acne and so her comprehensive assessment and treatment from Reverse Time, Dr Denning, involved advising her on how to start managing her acne with Obagi products, improving her frown lines with botulinum toxin (Botox® from Allergan) and improving old acne scarring and volume loss in her cheeks with Radiesse.

Radiesse is a well established collagen stimulating dermal filler, which gives a V-lift, reversing age-related volume loss and sagging of cheeks and jowls.
Before embarking on non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers, it is important to have a comprehensive consultation to assess whether this is the appropriate treatment for you. At Reverse Time, your complete medical history will be taken into consideration, and you will be clinically assessed to evaluate the underlying cause of your concerns.

You will be advised whether your chosen treatment is appropriate for you, or if you ought to address other skin related issues first in order for you to get the best outcome from your chosen treatment.

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ST: I’m 35 years old.  I’ve had some filler and Botox today from the lovely Aarti and I was expecting a natural look which I’ve got.  I didn’t want to be overcooked or overdone.

I would say don’t always go for Botox, because Botox can just drag your face down, it’s more about uplift and there’s things you can do – a little bit filler here may fill ahead there for an uplift and Aarti does that extremely well and I’m very happy with the result

Aarti: What was the main thing that bothered about your face?

ST: It was masculine and it’s very flat here.

Aarti: I know you’ve had a small injury, which has resulted in a slight change in how your face moves

ST: yeah after after the injury I got this dimple

Aarti: and how long ago was that

ST: that was when I was about eight years old

Aarti: many people don’t think that things like this can change their muscles of facial expression, but you’re dental nurse, so you know all about facial, this can make a difference

ST:  yeah it made more expression on my right side

Aarti: and did you feel any change in the support the moment that treatment was done?  Were you able to wink?!

ST: {Laugh}