Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a well established treatment used for preventing migraines, reducing muscle spasticity and softening expression lines that cause distress.

Before embarking on non-surgical treatments such as botox injections, it is important to have a comprehensive consultation to assess whether this is the appropriate treatment for you.

At Reverse Time, your complete medical history will be taken into consideration, and you will be clinically assessed to evaluate the underlying cause of your concerns.

You will be advised whether your chosen treatment is appropriate for you, or if you ought to address other skin related issues first in order for you to get the best outcome from your chosen treatment.

To book your consultation with our Aesthetic Physician, call 03334440567 9am to 5:30pm Mon-Friday, 9am to 1pm Saturday.

ES: I’ve had Botox before, just Botox and simple procedure and to correct my very deep frown line,  although I was happy with the results that I’ve had in the past with that, I now in hindsight realized that my expectations were quite low.

When I came for my consultation with Dr. Denning she assessed my face and suggested that we could improve on what I’d had in the past and add a touch of fillers as well .  I was dubious about that and fillers scared me but dr. Denning reassured me, she’s there board-certified.  We discussed and what the procedure would be like and I decided I would give it a try this time and it was eight days ago.

I’m very happy with the results that I got.

Aartie: Can they still move your face again can’t you

ES: Yeah that’s and although no one has commented on yet and I feel much better in myself and I can see the difference.  I would definitely recommend dr. Denning for a consultation because and she will be able to tell you things that about your face that you hadn’t even realized yourself maybe; she can identify the cause or your dissatisfactions as well, and the procedure was not too painful.

I would have treatment again if I felt it was necessary, but dr. Denning doesn’t think that that’s going to be too soon in the future so I’m very happy about that.