Reverse Time patient talks about her experience with treatments for skin, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin (Botox), which she had from Dr Denning.
This patient’s comprehensive assessment and treatment from Reverse Time, Dr Denning, involved advising her on how to start protecting her skin from future aging, improving her frown lines with botulinum toxin (Botox® from Allergan) and improving skin health and volume loss in her cheeks.

Before embarking on non-surgical treatments such as toxins and dermal fillers, it is important to have a comprehensive consultation to assess whether this is the appropriate treatment for you.

At Reverse Time, your complete medical history will be taken into consideration, and you will be clinically assessed to evaluate the underlying cause of your concerns.

You will be advised whether your chosen treatment is appropriate for you, or if you ought to address other skin related issues first in order for you to get the best outcome from your chosen treatment.

To book your consultation with our Aesthetic Physician, call 03334440567 9am to 5:30pm Mon-Friday, 9am to 1pm Saturday.

Annette: My name is Annette I’m 48 and I want to show you the lovely procedure I’ve had on my face, and that’s dr. Aartie Denning

Aartie: So how long have you been having this treatment?

Annette: A few years now.  I waited a little bit longer in life well started with the Botox, had a little bit of filler for my wedding, and I wanted to try something different

Aartie: What are the things that you’ve had which you night so far

Annette: I think this is the best results I’ve heard it to me it’s non-invasive surgery. My young face when I was younger was beautiful and I’m going to look like that now.

Aartie: is there anything that you would have would have put you off from having these treatments

Annette: No because of Aarties professionalism, she told me what was going to happen what the results would be, and it’s 100% fact.

Aartie is a qualified doctor so I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Aartie: if you’re going to tell a friend with asking you the very first time they were to have something what should I do anything what would you explain

Annette: I’d probably tell them to go to someone that’s been recommended someone who’s qualified someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about, and can deliver the results.  I would recommend a consultation because everybody’s different and obviously from a doctor’s introspective, they didn’t see what yeah needs doing, and what obviously doesn’t need doing and then give you their professional advice.

Aartie: I don’t think anyone wants to look Botox trough filled do they they want to look happier or younger or less frowny isn’t that what they want?

Annette: They want to look the same but maybe a little bit refreshed so a little nip and tuck here it’s not gonna harm their face

Aartie: non-surgical method ugh yes

Annette: Aartie is a qualified doctor so I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  I would always recommend Aartie.