Jacqueline Bourbon
Psychologist and Healer

Described as a ‘Leader in Enlightening Wellness Experiences”, Jacqueline was listed by Conde Nast Travellers Magazine as one of the World’s foremost Healers. Graduating in 1983 from the University of Wales’ Institute of Science and Technology with a BSc Tech Hons in Occupational Psychology, she always had an open mind about the aspects of spirituality and divinity within us all. She is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Non-Executive Director, Executive Mentor and Spiritual Practitioner, Teacher and Coach. She is an accredited Tutor at the internationally renowned Arthur Findlay College in Stansted UK and has taught and practised all over the world, including Thailand, The Maldives, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Canada, The USA and Europe as well as the UK.

Her Spiritual training, which had been running in parallel to her corporate career since 1995, has included meditation with Swamis in the Hindu tradition; Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Taoists in Wudang, China, and meditation, and energy work with Tibetan Rinpoches in The Himalayas. This has helped develop her understanding and practice of unconditional love, loyalty and understanding of the absolute relativity of our personal space and positioning in this fast growing world.

Her consultations are highly individual and designed to address a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional andspiritual issues, especially those that you cannot quite ‘pin down’ or identify and resolve, addressing root causes and not just symptoms.

Jacqueline has significant experience and success working particularly with acute pain, especially head, neck, back and long-term; repeated or prolonged physical illnesses/symptoms, infertility, or, mental/emotional problems or addictions; critical illnesses such as Cancer, and also working with those people suffering low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, distress, insomnia and issues due to trauma, grief relationship or personal crisis.

If you are ‘stuck’ with an issue, relationship, or problem and don’t know how to move forward? Or if life seemingly holds little pleasure for you? She may be able to help you transform the blocks to joy and a more fulfilling life.

By adept use of energy transfer through Spiritual Healing – which is an ancient and well recognised form of healing – or through her skill with energetic and psychological techniques, she will help you shift old energy and patterns in an unconscious and conscious way, re-programming the subconscious with personally tailored sessions to establish new, healthier and more satisfying ways of living. These sessions can also be used to lose weight, quit smoking or other bad habits or addictions, change direction, increase success or confidence in your life, or, just bring you more joy!

‘Jacqueline is one of those special people that come into your life very rarely, and change it exponentially for the better.   Her impact on one of the members of my family cannot be measured; suffice to say it set us on a completely life-altering track.  How does she know this stuff?  What is it that she actually does?  I’ve got absolutely no idea – but it’s brilliant!’


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