May is #skincancerawareness month. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing more information with you about the effects of the sun, and what we can do to prevent damaging the skin.

There are three elements of UV light 💡

☀️ UVA – is known as the ‘ageing’ day. This is a longer wavelength and penetrates deep into the dermis, causing damage to fibroblasts, which slows down the production of both collagen and elastin. This in turn leads to premature ageing. It doesn’t ‘burn’ so we don’t often notice it until the damage is done
☀️ UVB – is known as the ‘burning’ ray. This is a shorter wavelength and gets into the epidermis of the skin and is a major contributing factor to skin cancer.
☀️ UVC – this does not penetrate the o-zone, so in terms of skin, we don’t need to worry about it!

To protect your skin from cancer, premature ageing and the visible signs of sun damage, we recommend limiting sun exposure where possible, covering up, and ensure you are wearing as SPF 50. ✨ Keep your eyes peeled on our page over the following month for tips on how best to protect and treat your skin this summer!