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Should you be matching your PERFUME to your menstrual cycle? Experts reveal the scents to wear at different stages of the month to boost libido and ease PMT

  • Your menstrual cycle can affect your sense of smell as well as your hormones 
  • Certain scents and notes can help lift your mood throughout the month 
  • Trained aromatherapist Abi Tittering-Lough gives tips on the best scents to try

The menstrual cycle can have a significant impact on women’s sense of smell, experts revealed. 

It means certain scents are more appealing at certain points of the month than others. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, GP Dr Aarti Denning and Abi Tittering-Lough, a trained aromatherapist, combined their knowledge to offer advice on the type of scent that best fits a woman’s hormonal state at each stage of her cycle. 

A zesty, citrus smell, for example, might help lift your mood during a draining period, while a lavender will soothe during ovulation. 

Here Dr Denning and Ms Tittering-Lough offer their expert take… 

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Phase 1:  Menstrual Phase

The perfect scent:  Fresh and Zesty

Dr Aarti said: ‘You will go from feeling tired and lethargic at the start of your period, to feeling your mood lift within 48 hours as the brain starts to release more endorphins.

‘Within 24 to 48 hours of your period commencing, you begin to feel more positive and confident.’

Abi Tittering-Lough suggested: ‘At this time wear citrus scents. Zesty fragrances from the citrus family such as grapefruit, bergamot or juniper, paired with rosemary to give yourself a much-needed boost of energy.’

Phase 2: The Follicular Phase

The perfect scent: Amber, Sandalwood and Patchouli 

Dr Aarti said: ‘Your period is likely to be out of the way by now and your body is moving into ovulation mode. In evolutionary biology terms, your body wants to ensure that you are in the right company to “mate”.

‘Testosterone levels are significant, giving your libido a good boost. You feel feminine (oestrogen), sexy (testosterone) and assertive (testosterone)’.

Abi Tittering-Lough suggested: ‘Lighting a candle or reed diffuser for a longer-lasting scent.

‘You’re releasing captivating and sensual pheromones whilst your senses reach their peak – this is the perfect opportunity to fill your room with aromas such as amber, sandalwood and patchouli, that echo your sensual mood.’

Phase 3: The Ovulation Phase

The perfect scent: Vetiver, Frankincense and Lavender

Dr Aarti said: ‘Oestrogen levels plummet, as do the levels of “happy” hormones in your system. This could make you feel rather listless, moody and even teary.

‘This is that stage in which the body goes into full pregnancy preparation mode and you urge to seek solace in a partner. After this levels of Progesterone also start to climb, making you feel calmer and more relaxed as a result.’

Abi Tittering-Lough suggested: ‘Avoid over-stimulation during this phase of your cycle and instead choose relaxing and restorative notes such as vetiver, frankincense and lavender.’

Phase 4 – The Luteal Phase

The perfect scent – Rose, Geranium and Pink Lotus

Dr Aarti said: ‘Low Testosterone and Oestrogen levels may cause disruption to your sleep, leaving you to feel tired and when paired with a spike in progesterone, bloated and irritable to boot.

‘Try practicing self-care during this stage of your cycle to help ease any PMS symptoms – eat healthy foods and consider taking classes, such as yoga or meditation that will help ease your mind as well as your body.’

Abi Tittering-Lough suggested: ‘You’re likely to be craving calm in this stage of your cycle so to help restore some much-needed equilibrium, consider adding heartwarming florals like rose, geranium and pink lotus oils to your bath.

‘The combination of warm water will soothe any aches and cramps, and the scent will help restore inner peace.’