Stacey: Hello I’m Stacey, I’m 35 years old. I’ve had some filler and Botox today from the lovely Aarti and I was expecting a natural look which I’ve got. I didn’t want to be overcooked or overdone.

I would say i don’t always go for Botox, because Botox can just drag your face down, it’s more about uplift and there’s things you can do – a little bit filler here may fill ahead there for an uplift and Aarti does that extremely well and I’m very happy with the result.

Aarti: What was the main thing that bothered about your face?

Stacey: It was masculine and it’s very flat here.

Aarti: I know you’ve had a small injury, which has resulted in a slight change in how your face moves

Stacey: yeah after after the injury I got this dimple

Aarti: and how long ago was that

Stacey: that was when I was about eight years old

Aarti: many people don’t think that things like this can change their muscles of facial expression, but you’re dental nurse, so you know all about facial, this can make a difference

Stacey: yeah it made more expression on my right side

Aarti: and did you feel any change in the support the moment that treatment was done? Were you able to wink?!

Stacey: {Laugh}