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Harpreet is a Hampshire-based therapist now at Hockley Mill Stables

Body work, meditation and mindfulness practice Harpreet Ghatora is a Hampshire-based therapist providing luxury spa treatments for individuals in the hope of improving their overall health & wellbeing. Harpreet’s experience is grounded in 20 years of Body work, meditation and mindfulness practice....... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO [...]

COVID-19 FAQs A quick chat from us answering some frequently asked questions in clinic about the recent COVID-19 outbreak, when to not come into clinic and how to keep yourself safe.

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How menstrual cycle affects sense SMELL

Article published at Mailonline Should you be matching your PERFUME to your menstrual cycle? Experts reveal the scents to wear at different stages of the month to boost libido and ease PMT Your menstrual cycle can affect your sense of smell as well as your hormones  Certain scents and notes can help lift your [...]

How to balance your hormones

Article published at Tired, moody or irritable? These simple lifestyle changes could help balance your hormones Getty Images/dmbaker Feeling overtired, bloated or just not your best? It could be down to hormone imbalance. We tend not to think about our hormones on a daily basis, but they play a vital role [...]

Experts say you should never microneedle at home

Article published at Microneedling is an increasingly popular treatment to rejuvenate skin, using multiple tiny micropunctures. Its fame in recent years is due to YouTube and some dramatic photos of the Kardashians showing having microneedling treatments. Originally this was done manually, using the rollers or stamps (Dermaroller, Dermastamp). The dermaroller procedure uses tiny [...]

Which beauty products are safe to use during pregnancy?

Article published at During pregnancy, some mums-to-be are blessed with glowing skin while others, unfortunately, suffer from spots, rashes and pregnancy acne. Whether your skin is beautifully clear or you are struggling with stretch marks and breakouts on the daily, we are sure you still rely on an army of trusty beauty products to make [...]

An Interview with Dr Aarti Narayan-Denning at Reverse Time®

Article published at September 29, 2018 | Gina Hutchings The moment I stepped into the doors of Reverse Time in Winchester and was greeted by Dr Narayan-Denning I knew I was in safe hands. Dr Narayan-Denning is the mastermind behind my 8-point harmonizing face lift and my renewed skin, read about that treatment here. Aarti [...]

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