Harpreet Ghatora, Therapist

Harpreet Ghatora is a Hampshire-based therapist providing luxury spa treatments for individuals in the hope of improving their overall health & wellbeing. Harpreet’s experience is grounded in 20 years of Body work, meditation and mindfulness practice.

Harpreet grew up in a household that believed in a holistic way to treat and heal the body, mind, and spirit in its whole form. Massage and body work are very much part of the Indian culture where individuals are treated depending on their constitution so that the whole body is treated uniquely and authentically.

As a child Harpreet watched her father for hours treat people both physically and spiritually using various massage, body work and energy techniques.  She watched these people’s bodies go from being in pain, lacking life, low mood, to completely transformed – as if they had been given a new lease of life.  Instantly they looked more relaxed, more purposeful, lighter and happier.

Harpreet’s family’s ayurvedic lineage and knowledge in holistic health & therapies plays an integral part in how she lives her own life today and treats her clients.  Today Harpreet combines both Eastern & Western techniques to help individuals take control of their own health and become the very best version of themselves.

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