Wrinkle relaxing injections (Botox ®)

Botulinum toxin treatment Botox ® – Like many medications, Botulinum toxin is developed from a protein which occurs in nature. The FDA has approved Botulinum toxin treatment for specific indications such as frown lines, crows feet lines, after years of clinical study and experience. It is a safe temporary solution almost anyone who is is troubled by such lines and wrinkles.

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Summary of Wrinkle-relaxing Botox ® Treatment

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Clinical images

frown lines before after botox photos

What our patients say about Botox ® wrinkle relaxing injections

Aarti is incredibly professional and always ensures she is doing the right thing by her patients, and never encourages excessive treatments. She listens to what your needs are, and then discusses the options. She made me look ”fresh” rather than ”frozen”, and also helped me with advice on more general skin care troubles and routine suggestions. I work in London, but will always find the time to visit Aarti, as I can”t imagine finding anyone more trustworthy and excellent at their job.
S. S - London
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A bit about wrinkles

We often think expression lines are wrinkles, but that is not true.

Expression lines are the visible muscle movements of a normal face – such as “laugh lines” at the corners of our eyes, concentration lines between the eyebrows, and smile lines on cheeks.


Funt.qxpWrinkles are lines that persist as furrows and creases even with relaxed facial muscles, ie, no expression. Untreated habitual expression lines like a constant frown can deepen, and crease into a static wrinkle as collagen and fat are lost from the skin.

In the same way, even a deep set wrinkle, with correct treatment can reduce into a fine line making it much less apparent.

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